Programs: Recreational (Girls)

The primary objective of the recreational program is to provide your son or daughter with a strong foundation in beginning levels that he or she will be able to build upon in future levels. Each level has specific goals and these are designed for each child’s skill level both physically and mentally. Gymnastics helps develop coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, self confidence and discipline which helps provide a strong foundation for all sports.

Beginner Gymnastics I - (age 6 & up) - 1 hr 5 min.
For children with little or no gymnastics experience. Will work on basic gymnastics skills using vault, bars, beam, floor.

Class Goals:

Positions:Tuck,Pike,Straddle,Lunge,Candlestick, Straight Body, V-Sit, Stick Body Position
Forward roll
Backward roll
Step hurdle R. off
Spider Climb
Split Handstand
Handstand –straight body
Handstand-forward roll
Bridge (3 sec. hold)
Standing backbend
Straight Jump

Front support
Pull over up incline
Back hip circle- hold hollow shape (instructor assisted)
Bent arm hang 10 sec
Tuck hang
Pike hang
Tuck hold on pbars

Television Beam (high beam)
Review terms for beam: (arms)- crown, side middle (feet)-releve, lock position
Mount beam
Releve Walk: forward
Walks: f.b.s (low)
Walks:f.b.s. (high)
Front Kicks
Jump off land on feet- fear
Straight jump dismount (correct landing position)
Overall confidence, balance, comfort, coordination

Proper run/arm placement
Hurdle (proper foot)
Hit board w/ 2 feet
Push off 1 foot
Run, hurdle, straight jump
Rope Climb

Beginner Gymnastics II - 1 hr 5min.
For children that have the knowledge of basic skills and want to become more involved in gymnastics. This class will improve on skills learned in Beginner I and learn more skills at the beginner level.

Class Goals:

Forward straddle roll
Back ward straddle roll
1 arm cartwheel
Handstand (straight line & control)
Handstand to bridge
Bridge kick over (from floor & incline)
Back bend on incline & floor
Beg. back walkover (back bend, kickover)
B. ext roll to push-up

Straight Body Hang
Bent arm hang
Pike & tuck hold- pbars
Casting (horizontal or below)
5 cast
Beg. Tap Swings- spotted
Front hip circle
Back hip circle
Lift up shoot thru
Cast shoot thru
Middle Circle

V-sit Mount
Review terms for beam: (arms)- crown, side middle (feet)-releve, lock position
Releve Walks: f.b.s (low & high beam) – proper technique & comfort
Front kicks
Straight jump
Toe to knee hold (develope)
Squat turn
Pivot turn
3⁄4 handstand low beam
Cartwheel- line
Releve holds
Straight jump DM
Tuck & Straddle DM (low beam)
Cartwheel to handstand DM- (fall into pit & 8 in. mat- tight body)

Proper run/arm placement
Run, hurdle, handstand to back (resi)
30 ft run w/ board hit
30 ft run w/ arm circle
Rope Climb

Intermediate Gymnastics I - 1.5 hrs
For children who have completed the beginner levels. Children will continue to develop skills.

Class Goals:

Bridge kick over
Back walk over
Front limber- kick over
Back ext. roll 3⁄4- push up position
R. Off
1 arm cartwheel
Front walk over
F. handspring
B. handspring
Dive roll
Split Jump
Straddle jump

Glide kip
Front hip circle
Back hip circle (low & pit bar)
Cast to horizontal – 5 cast
Tap Swing
Underswing DM
Squat on

Forward kick walks
Straight jump
Tuck jump
Jump Connections: (straight, tuck)
Handstand (low & high)
Cartwheel low beam
Cartwheel high beam
1⁄2 turn
Heel snap turn
R. off DM
Cartwheel to handstand turn DM
Scale (hold)

Proper run/arm placement
Handstand to back (resi)
Strong Board Hit

Advanced Gymnastics - 1.5 hrs
Children will be working on more advanced skills for all events. This class is for children who have shown the beginner & intermediate skills.

Class Goals:

F. handspring (2 feet & step out)
B. handspring
B. handspring step out
R. off back handspring
Series of b. handsprings
Back ext. roll - handstand
Full turn
Split leap
Back tuck
Front tuck
R. off b. handspring b. tuck
R. off b. handspring b. layout

Glide kip
Front hip circle
Back hip circle
Squat On
Glide Kip, FHC, Cast
Jump to high bar
Tap Swings

Releve walks (F,B,S)
Jumps: Straight, Tuck, Split
Jump Connections: Straight jump, Split jump
Cartwheel (low, high)
Back walkover (low, high)
B. handspring
Full turn
R. off dismount
Front tuck DM Handstand
Side handstand DM

Proper run
Handspring (resi)
Handspring on vault table land on stack mats behind table
Handspring (vault table)
1⁄2 on (resi)
1⁄2 on (vault table)