Current Newsletter


To our families that have returned from summer break, we thank you for your support and are excited to have your family back in the gym for the school-year. To our new families, we are excited to have you here and look forward to getting to know you and your children. If you have questions or need help with anything, please feel free to email or visit the front desk. We are here to help you!

Attendance in the sport of gymnastics is very important. With multiple events, skills, and foundation being key, you will see the most progress in your child(ren) if they attend every class.
Please remember if you are going to be absent, call us ahead of time to schedule a make-up so they do not miss out on that key instruction for the week.

Being on time is also key in gymnastics as the start of the class is when the warm up and stretching occur. This is not only important for warming up the muscles and becoming more flexible, but it also helps to prevent injury. If your child misses this part of the class, they will not be getting the most out of this time as they could.

The gym will be CLOSED on:
Halloween - October 31st, 2018 (no evening classes - Enjoy Trick or Treating).

Monday Open Gym - 11 pm-12 pm for ages 3 - 5

Friday Open Gym - 8 pm-9 pm for ages 11 and up

Saturday Open Gym - 12:30pm-1:30pm for ages 10 and under

All Participants must register online here prior to attending!

Call the front desk at 269-429-5100 to let us know and to schedule a make-up!


Starting September 17th, we began our student achievement sheets with evaluation weeks. After achieving a skill, students will get to put a sticker on their sheet. We will be evaluating your student to see where they are at with their skills. Beginner one, beginner two, and int/adv gymnastics are evaluated for 4 weeks, tumbling and cheer classes for two, and boys are evaluated for 6 weeks. Remember that boys have more events than girls which is why theirs lasts longer. During this time your child may earn ribbons for certain skills. Ribbon Skills are core skills that are essential to gymnastics. Once your child achieves one of these skills, they will receive a ribbon for it.

As a reminder, once your student masters most of the skills on their sheet and a director approves, they will be eligible to move up to the next level. This move up process may take a few months or it may take a year, depending on your child and their attendance in the class.

During evaluations we do ask that your child is present and on time so the process moves smoothly for both the child and the class. We look forward to celebrating your students progress with them and you!


1. Please have your child use the restroom before class, as we tend to get a domino effect if one child asks. As a reminder, instructors are not allowed to help your child inside the bathroom.
2. Gymnastics is a bare foot sport, encourage your child to go "sockless".
3. While your children are in class, they are looking at you for praise, thumbs up, and reassurance. Please try to limit your distractions while you are in the viewing area.

With classes filling back up in the fall, we do ask that you get here on time and have your child use the restroom prior to class. This will help keep the flow of the class, minimize disruptions, and will allow your child to get the most out of their class time.

Our Tiny Tots program’s focal points are on listening, following directions, sharing, and being in a classroom without a parent all while learning the fundamentals of gymnastics. With these focal points, we would like to continue to have your child learn and grow through the play that occurs in the Tiny Tots classes. We will not be doing evaluations any further in this program since the focus is not on mastering the skills of gymnastics. These evaluations will begin in the Big Shots level.

Our Big Shots classes will be starting their fall evaluations soon. We do evaluations to see what the kids know in order for instructors to target their lessons towards what the kids can do and what they need to learn. We are excited to move through this process with your children and look forward to seeing them grow. All evaluations do get put into the parent portal, so you can see their progress there as well


We are excited to start our first three month session for dance (Sept. - Nov.). Thank you for being patient with us during this time of transition. We believe this switch to sessions will benefit all of the dancers learning environments and keep classes more consistent. We feel it will be easier for dancers to progress with the same group of kids that are also at their same skill level.

Does your dancer need shoes?
Don’t worry we now sell ballet, tap and jazz shoes here at Power in Motion. We will size your child for a perfect fit and then get them ordered so they arrive in time for their next class. Ask a dance instructor if you would like to have your child sized for shoes!


Check out some of our new class/time offerings by visiting our online schedule (Gymnastics schedule / Dance schedule)! If you would like to transfer to one of these options, please stop by or call the front desk at 269-429-5100